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Raising Readers: What Parents Can Do:

Social Media

Family context, including parent screen use (e.g., Wong et. al, 2020) and modeling and socialization of emotion (e.g., Eisenberg et al., 1998) are among the important nuances.  On this front, the AAP offers a Family Media Plan resource that might be of interest, where one can identify priorities like balanced use, choosing good content, communicating about media, digital privacy & safety, kindness & empathy, etc., and then get ideas for implementation strategies:

Keeping teens safe on social media: What parents should know to protect their kids

How to Set Smart Screen Time Rules:

Coaching Teens to Recognize and Manage Emotions

Mindful Parenting

Parenting Styles/Effective Parenting

Use of Validation for Parents

Learning about the Stages of Adolescence

How to Talk to Kids about Divorce

 Organizational Skills/Executive Functioning

 Help your child develop the organization skills he or she needs to better manage time, complete chores, clean up around the house, and excel at school.