About Us

Population Served: Behavioral Disabilities
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Pervasive Developmental Disorders
Location: 4511 Liberty Avenue, North Bergen
46th Street, one block east of Tonnelle Avenue
(Rte. 1/9, Route 3 East, Rte. 46 East)
School Building: 11 Classrooms Fully Computerized (2 Fully Equipped Science Labs), Counseling Suite, Ceramics Studio, Fine Arts Studio, Gymnasium, Lunchroom, Kitchen, Outdoor Recreational Area
Staff Director/Psychologist, Clinical Social Worker, Guidance Counselor, Art Therapists, Consulting Psychiatrist, Speech and Language Therapist, School Nurse, Special Education Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Classroom Aides
Staff/Student Maximum
Instruction – 1 Teacher: 1 Class Aide: 12 Students Therapeutic – 1 Counselor: 20 Students
Special Instructional
Students have ongoing instructional access to:
-Desktop Computers
-Smart Boards
Program Goals To address the therapeutic and instructional needs of students within a highly supportive, enriching small school environment, insuring a successful return to the home school district or High School graduation
School Day: 8:30AM – 2:00PM
Instructional Organization: (1) Preschool Disabilities Class
(2) Autism Spectrum Disabilities Classes
(3) Grammar School Classes
(4) High School Classes spanning a maximum of two grade levels within a class
(1) High School Basic Skills Class for students reading significantly below grade level
Instructional Course Offerings:
     Mathematics: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, General Math I & II,  Life Skills, Consumer Mathematics
     Science: Earth, Biology, Environmental, General
     Social Studies: U.S. History I & II, World History, World Geography, Economics, New Jersey History
     Language Arts: English I – IV, Language Arts Gr. K-8
     Remedial/Enriched Reading:        Class
     Art: Fine Arts, Ceramics, Photography
     Computer: Historical & Strategic Simulations, Desktop Publishing, Graphic Arts, Research & Reference Skills, Muti-Media, Reinforcement & Enrichment of Major Subject Instruction
     Physical Ed: Basketball, Football and Basketball Drills, Volleyball,  Soccer, Kickball, Wiffleball, European Handball, Team  Building Activities, and Cardio Exercises
     Life Skills: Food Preparation and Nutrition
Support Services:
      Counseling:  Individual, Duo, Crisis, Small Group, Art Therapy,
Adventure-Based Counseling, Parental
      Medical: Psychiatric:
Medication Monitoring

Medication Administration
First Aid
Classroom Health Instructional Support

      Therapy: Speech and Language/Occupational/Physical Therapy
Social/Communication Skills Development:

Speech/Language Therapy

Social Skills Groups

Out-of-Building Trips for Social Skills Generalization And Personal Security Development  

     Behavior Motivation: Point System
Rewards & Privileges
Restriction of Activities

Strict Expectation re: Participation in all Classes and School Activities

Interventions – Phone, Letter, Home Visit


Student Characteristics:

Mood Disorders Anxiety Disorders Disruptive Behavior Disorders Pervasive Development Disorders Cognitive Impairment Disorders
● Depression ● Overanxious ● Oppositional Defiant ● Autism Spectrum ● Learning
● Bipolar ● Panic ● Conduct Disorder ● Psychotic/Schizophrenic Features ● Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language
● Obsessive Compulsive ● Attention Deficit ● Reading